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Giving Patients New Hope Through Clinical Trial Options

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When care options become limited, what hope can you offer your patients? As a physician, how can you support them in participating in potentially life-saving clinical trials? We take a deep dive into the options available for you to connect neurological and geriatric patients to clinical trials in our latest eBook.

Patients can become discouraged with the options available for treatment of neurological conditions. But there are more ways you can help encourage them and connect them to potentially life-saving therapies.

Many physicians are aware of a principal investigator (PI) role, where a physician leads a clinical trial themselves; however, there are four distinct ways to participate or refer your patients successfully to clinical trials.

To help you consider the options, we have developed the Participating in Clinical Trials — A Guide for Neurologists and Geriatricians eBook.

This guide covers:

  • The benefits for patients and physicians in participating in clinical trials
  • The misconceptions about being involved in clinical trials
  • The participating and referral options available for physicians to connect patients to clinical trials
  • And much more!

Download the guide to learn how you can help!

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