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Integrating Clinical Research Into Your Care Continuum

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To deliver on the promises of modern medicine, physicians need to adopt clinical research as a regular component of their care continuum. Patients want to participate in clinical trials but require referrals from willing physicians. Meet the demands of your patients while catapulting your practice into the future by offering clinical research as a valuable care option.

Advantages of Engaging in Trial Referrals

In a 2017 Research!America survey, 86% of participants agreed that healthcare professionals should discuss clinical trials with patients as part of their standard of care. Patients want expanded treatment options through clinical research but cannot often find trials on their own. Contrary to what some physicians believe, your patients don’t know to ask you about clinical trials. You need to be the one to reach out and offer this advanced care option. Doing so will prove beneficial to both your practice and the future of modern medicine.

Improved Clinical Outcomes

Medical advancements require fully-enrolled clinical trials with a diverse patient population. By referring patients to clinical trials, physicians help ensure the momentum of clinical research. Additionally, clinical research offers a whole new realm of medical interventions, increasing a patient’s ability to experience improved clinical outcomes, which is the goal of every physician.

A 2019 BBK Worldwide survey revealed that most patients continue seeking care from their original physician even after a clinical trial referral, proving that patients recognize the value their physician offered them.

Advanced Practice

By offering clinical trial recommendations, your practice will be perceived as being ahead of the curve. Patients have countless options for clinical care and will choose the practice that is most engaging to them. Physicians, therefore, need to stand out from their competition by offering more advanced care options. Update your practice by offering more sophisticated treatments such as clinical research as a valuable care option.

Improved Patient Perception

Patients want better care options. In the Research!America survey, 81% of participants said they would be somewhat or very likely to participate in a clinical trial if their doctor recommended one. Physicians are the gateway between patients and research sites. By integrating clinical research into your care continuum, you show your patients that you care about their well-being enough to offer every viable option.

Generate Ancillary Income

When physicians refer patients to clinical trials, they get paid. SiteRx’s AI-based software automatically matches your patients to top clinical trials in your area. All you have to do is accept the referral! SiteRx not only automates the matching and administrative tasks but also facilitates referral payments directly to your practice, helping generate meaningful income as you deliver on quality care.

Patients want to participate in the future of modern medicine through clinical research. As a physician, it is your responsibility to integrate trial referrals into your care continuum. Get started on this process with SiteRx today. Call (213) 797-7520 or complete the form to learn how we can streamline patient referrals.


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