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Physician Spotlight - Dr. Alain Delgado

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SiteRx is officially launching a physician spotlight blog to commemorate our amazing doctors. For our first post, we would like to congratulate Dr. Alain Delgado, MD who is a double board certified neurologist who works at Neurology and Neurosurgery, PA in Polk County, Florida. His patients suffer from many neurological diseases, and Dr. Delgado highlights the importance of educating them on clinical research as an additional care option. Through clinical research, Dr. Delgado is giving his patients the ability to be more proactive with their care and enabling access to new and potentially promising treatment opportunities. To learn more about Dr. Delgado and his story, we welcome you to read the interview below!

Dr. Alain Delgado, MD

Physician Spotlight Interview: Dr. Alain Delgado, MD

What inspired you to go into medicine?

I always enjoyed science and found the human body so fascinating that I was naturally drawn to medicine.

What aspect/s of practicing medicine today do you enjoy the most?

My patients and working to improve their quality of life.

What do you find most challenging?

Working with so many neurodegenerative diseases. So MUCH to learn about the brain.

What accomplishment/s are you most proud of as a doctor?

Looking back and knowing I have made an impact on so many lives I have helped after over 20 years as a neurologist.

In which areas would innovation in medicine be most beneficial to your patients?

PICK ONE! So many things to still learn about the brain and mind. Improving stroke, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, brain injury, spinal cord injury, etc. Neurology is still a frontier to be explored. So much learned and still so much to be learned. I think that is why so many are turned away from this field, yet it draws those who have a passion for human exploration.

What was compelling to you about partnering with SiteRx?

The ability to connect as many patients as possible in any location from all walks of life with research opportunities. I always felt that my patients living in a smaller community were not given the same access or opportunities to engage in clinical trials as those living in larger cities near tertiary care centers. They asked how to get involved but it was difficult to get them linked to ongoing clinical trials.

How would you describe your experience with SiteRx to date?

Engaging, efficient, and energetic! Our patients have welcomed the opportunity to become more involved in the future of medicine. They not only seek better treatment opportunities for themselves but hope to provide help to those who will also need it in the future.

How have you educated your staff about clinical research and your partnership with SiteRx?

Yes. They were informed at all levels. Front desk, operator, and secretaries. Of course, all our providers. The literature provided and wonderful SiteRx staff availability for answering questions has helped tremendously.

How have you educated your patients about the same?

I have information available in our exam rooms and front desk. I let them know we are partnering with SiteRx to provide them an opportunity to participate in clinical trials which may not only be beneficial to them but possibly change the landscape of medical treatments to help others. We all have an innate drive within us whether we know it or not to help all those who need it. It is the human experience.


If another physician was thinking about partnering with SiteRx, what would you tell them?

It is an opportunity not to be missed. I love your slogan “Building the bridge between clinical research and clinical care.” This is an opportunity to let patients be more involved than ever in their care. We all benefit from continuing to strive for more access and better treatments for our patients. The bridge that connects our patients may potentially make the lives of so many so much better.

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