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Under Enrollment in Alzheimer’s Disease Clinical Trials

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Alzheimer’s disease is a severe form of dementia that still has no cure. Current therapies on the market are only concerned with treating the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, yet an actual cure for the disease is still unavailable. Research for Alzheimer’s disease depends heavily on clinical trials, yet most trials remain largely under enrolled. This is due to the challenges facing Alzheimer’s trial recruitment, which includes lack of primary care physicians’ time and resources and barriers that affect participation.

Primary care physicians are the first point of contact for Alzheimer’s patients. These patients often depend on their primary care physicians for referrals of clinical trials and their availability. Unfortunately, most primary care physicians don’t have the time or resources necessary to research ongoing clinical trials and match their patients appropriately. Additionally, some physicians are concerned about referring their elderly patients due to perceived fear associated with clinical trials. Without consistent notifications of upcoming trials from their doctors, Alzheimer’s patients often remain unaware of their full range of treatment options.

Under-represented populations from diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds are often not enrolled in Alzheimer’s clinical trials, posing a threat to overall participation. The lack of representation from these groups may stem from a mistrust of the medical establishment, language barriers, cost of travel, and lack of cultural sensitivity from staff. Their lack of participation is even more alarming when you consider that individuals from these groups are at a higher risk of developing dementia and are, therefore, a large portion of the affected population.

We launched SiteRx to help aid in the development of a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Our AI-based software breaks down the barriers associated with under enrollment by automatically matching patients to top clinical trials in their area without weighing down physicians with burdensome administrative tasks.

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