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Welcome to SiteRx

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Hello, I’m Seth Goodman, CEO and Founder of SiteRx. I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome you to our site and tell you a bit about what we do and how it’s going to revolutionize the healthcare industry, benefitting physicians, researchers and patients alike.

SiteRx is a digital software that automatically connects eligible patients to top clinical trials in their communities by working directly and securely with participating physicians’ EHRs. I started this venture inspired by my father, who dedicated his life to Alzheimer’s disease care and research. I watched my father work tirelessly with Alzheimer’s patients and their families, choosing to devote all of his extra time to finding a cure. His efforts made me realize my own desire to get involved and find a solution.

After exploring the clinical research my father was involved in, three key insights surfaced:

  1. There is a lack of universal access to clinical research opportunities for patients.
  2. There are misaligned stakeholder incentives in the delivery of healthcare to patients.
  3. Vital insights from patients’ medical histories and records are buried across varying patient data pools.

The SiteRx system effectively and systematically solves these three key issues to help bring ground-breaking and life-saving treatments to the market for patients everywhere.

Our 3-step system makes it easy for physicians to help to bridge the gap between clinical research and clinical care for their patients.

Step 1: Join 

Joining the SiteRx network is quick, and integration within your EHR is easy and secure. The revolutionary SiteRx AI system automatically finds eligible patients and matches them to top clinical trials.

Step 2: Practice

SiteRx removes the burdensome administrative tasks associated with traditional clinical trial matching, so physicians can focus on providing excellent care for their patients.

Step 3: Earn

SiteRx generates meaningful new income for healthcare organizations by automatically matching patients to clinical trials and facilitating payments directly to the practice.

The SiteRx system also benefits sponsors and sites who consistently struggle to recruit the right patients, wasting precious time and money, and delaying the approval of potentially life-saving treatments.

If you are interested in learning more about SiteRx, email me directly at seth@siterx.health. Be sure to check our blog page weekly for regular updates on healthcare developments, new clinical research, and industry-related thought leadership.

Thank you,

Seth Goodman.

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